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Welcome to ECO FRE, the online auction platform for ECO FRE powered by the advanced technology of FRE.com.

Combining the market knowledge, insight and professional resources of ECO FRE with the industry-leading auction technology of FRE.com, ECO FRE delivers an alternative sales option in a fair, transparent and secure process.

The Clean Water Act and other longstanding environmental laws in the U.S. seek to balance the demand for economic development with the need to protect our nation’s land and water resources.

Founded in 2006, Ecosystem Investment Partners (EIP) acquires properties with degraded aquatic resources or species habitats, restores them according to the highest standards and ensures they are permanently protected.

Partnering with the online auction experts at The Future of Real Estate (FRE), these now flourishing properties, rich in natural beauty and an abundance of wildlife, are packaged in land conservation trusts and sold to the public at unbeatable prices.

Although large portions of these properties are protected by the conservation trust and must forever remain undeveloped, in many cases, various easements have been carved into the properties, where buyers have the opportunity to make limited improvements.

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ECO FRE Representative
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